"Having been much loved and cared for by my mentors over the last few years, I began to think with all my business and creative experiences, I had something to offer others.  I therefore started a mentor scheme called Everybody Can! ™"  Nadine Benjamin

As a high performance mentor Nadine B will walk you through the steps that will give you the courage to know what you want, claim it and move forward with purpose.

Nadine believes everybody can step up, step in and step out!

Her mission is to invite artists and business people alike to discover that "art is business and business is art".

Having worked her way up from an office junior to the trading floor, Nadine was then left with the decision of whether to play it safe or go for her dreams.

Nadine was tempted by the city trader lifestyle , but knew that in order to feel fulfilled she would have to be brave and answer that call within: to step up and sing!

Nadine is now a professional soprano, empowerment coach and speaker.   

Are you ready to invest in your journey towards your dreams?