African “Mona Lisa” - Salvatore Fiume

African “Mona Lisa” - Salvatore Fiume

“Beam” - RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, WC1E 7EX
Words by Nadine Benjamin
6pm on Saturday 27th July 2019

“Beam” is the story of black woman whose life is told through opera. The story takes us on a journey from early beginnings to now.

Produced by Everybody Can! and Tête-à-tête Opera Festival, we had 5 days of research and development culminating in a 30-minute showing on Saturday 27th July at 6pm at RADA, Chenies Street.

You can see a video of the performance here:

———- Warning: the show may contain content such as domestic violence, bullying and rape.——

Creator & Artist - Nadine Benjamin
Dramaturg and Collaborative Director - Darren Abrahams
Music Director - Allyson Devenish
Sound Designer - Matt Huxley
Production Manager - Danae Eleni

Special thanks to Bill Bankes-Jones for helping make this experience happen!

Words by Nadine Benjamin

Musical excerpts include:
George Gershwin - Summertime
WA Mozart - Ach ich fühl's
Nadine Benjamin & Solar Plexus - I'll remember that rose
Nadine Benjamin & IZIT-U - Champagne Queen
Florence Price - Night
G Verdi - Ecco l'orrido campo... ma dall'arido stelo
G Verdi - Prega... Ave Maria